The latest big change in beta version of WhatsApp application was the real time video calls. This time, the change is related to the security aspect of this popular messaging app, namely two-step verification. This type of authentication mechanism is very popular and it is used for an example by Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Twitter etc. We all know that WhatsApp is very safe, because it uses the true end-to-end encryption, but it did not have any additional mechanism for verification during the number activation.

For an example, someone could steal your phone, get out SIM card and install WhatsApp on new device and read all your messages. The WhatsApp’s two-step authentication feature introduces six digital PIN which is required during the phone number activation or verification. You can also optionally set the e-mail address which will be used for the feature deactivation or PIN reset. Of course, it is highly recommended configuring the e-mail address for this, because you can forget your PIN.

Two-step verification has been introduced in the newest WhatsApp beta version for Android and Windows users.

You can bring this functionality to your phone very easily. For an example, Android users may download the apk file from APKMirror site or join the WhatsApp beta tester program. In my opinion, the second method is much better, because you will receive all updates immediately and automatically. Windows users can install the WhatsApp beta version directly from the Microsoft’s store. You can activate the two-step verification in several steps (instruction for Android version):

1. Launch WhatsApp application and open Settings.
2. Tap Account and Two-step verification.
3. Click Enable and follow the instructions.
4. Remember to set the e-mail address.

WhatsApp will help you to remember the six digital password, so the app will ask you about the PIN periodically.