This will be very short news for you. According to a lot of reports which I have found in the network, it looks that the KB3201845 update causes a lot of issues. This is the latest cumulative update for Windows 10 Anniversary Update. To be hones, I always recommend installation of every stable update as soon as possible, because it fixes the known security holes.

I remember old times, when everyone had Windows XP. This was very popular and quite good operating system. However, people were not installing updates. I bet that one of the reason was the high piracy level. In my opinion, the most popular virus from that times is the Blaster Worm. It was using the exploit which was fixed by Microsoft several months before the virus release. A lot of computers were infected, because Windows XP users did not install the available updates. Since this time, I always say that you have to install every patch for Windows. However, not this time.

In the best case KB3201845 will not simply install on your Windows 10 computer.

After the failed installation, the Windows 10 withdraws all changes. However, several users have reported that their computers has crashed after the KB3201845 update installation and was jailed in the reset loop. They even are not able to fix this using the recovery point or USB booting flash. Sometimes the KB3201845 blocks the Google’s application (e.g. Chrome or Calendar). Very interesting is the case when it happened to Microsoft Edge. Some users have reported also Bluetooth connection issues. As you can see, the KB3201845 update is very problematic. If you did not have any problems after installation, you are lucky.

Source: Windows Report