Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and founder of Kaspersky Lab, has officially accused Microsoft about monopoly practices. This case will be investigated by officials from Russia and European Union. The problem is that Microsoft discriminates 3rd party security software and forces the activation of Windows Defender. This situation concerns only the newest operating system from Microsoft, i.e. Windows 10.

Disturbing is also the fact that Microsoft introduces these changes in Windows updates and security companies are not able to adjust their software. All accusations are described very detailed on Eugene Kaspersky’s blog, but this is very long lecture. Windows is the most popular operating system in the world, so hackers and criminals are interested in looking for security vulnerabilities and developing viruses, malware and other malicious software. Therefore, several companies are working on applications which will protect our computers. Of course, for the best of them you have to pay, but people prefer free solutions. The situation little has changed when Microsoft has introduced Windows Defender as the built-in antivirus application. However, Microsoft’s solution does not provide high security level and it is not able to deal with more sophisticated threats. On the other hand, Kaspersky Lab provides very good and complex security solutions (antivirus, firewall etc.) for home and business users since 1997.

New updates for Windows 10 may very easily block security applications because of lack of compatibility.

Developers of 3rd party security applications have only one week to meet the new Windows 10 requirements, otherwise their software will be mark as incompatible when user will install new update from Microsoft. Even if they manage provide new version on time, then not all users will install new version of their antivirus application. However, after Windows 10 update installation, the 3rd party program will be deactivate and Microsoft’s operating system will automatically enable the Defender. Eugene Kaspersky claims that in these cases, people simply cease to use the program and forget about it. Also, Windows Defender warning message is very controversial. It suggests that you should enable Windows Defender, but security it is not clearly indicated that 3rd party antivirus software will be disabled.

Windows Defender warning

The same problem happens when user consciously disable the antivirus or license will expire.

Of course, Windows 10 presents the warning about upcoming license expires, but notification is shown in the Windows Security Center. But let’s be honest, no one checks this. Also, Windows 10 strangely reacts when a user installs additional (second) antivirus program (Windows Defender is the 3rd this kind of application installed on computer). Of course, it is not recommended to have several antivirus applications installed, but Windows 10 will in such situation disable both 3rd party programs and enable the Defender. However, Microsoft does something very similar in case of web browsers. Namely, it suggests that Edge is very energy efficient and you should abandon your favorite browser.

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