Wi-Fi Alliance has just announced the launch of a certification program for Wi-Fi devices that support the recently introduced WPA3 standard. This means that the manufacturers of routers and Wi-Fi cards (in practice it is mainly about chipsets used in laptops and smartphones) will be able to check whether their implementation of the already available WPA3 standard is correct. Thanks to this, devices from different manufacturers will be able to work together, and our WI-Fi networks will be safer.

The standards defining the operation of Wi-Fi networks are probably now the most popular solution used for wireless communication in the world. Wi-Fi cards are now found not only in our computers and smartphones, but also in consoles, TVs and even some household appliances. Why do we all love Wi-Fi so much? Because the use of it is fast and convenient. However, security specialists are well aware that our Wi-Fi networks are not 100% secure. The currently used WPA2 standard can be broken if someone devotes enough time to the attack. Currently used security is so secure that you can not get around easily using a laptop. However, the increasing computing power of computers works to the detriment of our privacy. That’s why the Wi-Fi Alliance has developed the WPA3 standard, which will soon be served by the first routers.

Relax, you do not have to exchange all your Wi-Fi equipment right away

It takes time to implement new standards. That’s why every solution introduced by Wi-Fi Alliance is designed in such a way that backward compatibility with older devices is assured. That’s why new Wi-Fi routers that support WPA3 will also allow WPA2 support devices on their networks. Currently, it is a standard that must be supported by all certified devices. In the future, any Wi-Fi equipment will have to support the WPA3 standard. However, it is not known when this change will take place. For sure, we will not have to deal with a situation in which we will all run to the stores for new routers just to increase the security of the home Wi-Fi network. Therefore, the Wi-Fi Alliance has a different idea to popularize the new standard.

WPA3 provides greater security for home users, but the new solution will be primarily interested in companies, financial institutions and government administrations. For them, the WPA3-Enterprise mode with a 256-bit cryptographic key is intended. On the other hand, home users will be interested in WPA3 routers after the appearance of the 802.11ax standard, which will offer much faster data rates than the current 802.11ac.

Source: Wi-Fi Alliance