Not so long ago, Netflix representatives have denied that their service will offer offline video watching. After all, this is not the streaming. However, the pressure of customers had to be quite large, because mobile applications with offline mode have been released several months ago. However, this feature is available only for selected productions. This functionality is especially useful for people who have purchased small data packages or watch Netflix on tablets without LTE modem. Then you do not have other option than to download your favourite TV show over Wi-Fi network.

However, people do not always want to watch movies on small screens of mobile devices when they are travelling. Modern laptops offer working times on a single charge of about 8 hours. Therefore, many people enjoy using them, even when they are travelling by train. You can use mobile Internet via hotspot function of your smartphone, but LTE Internet does not work best on rail. Problems arise especially when the train passes through and the radio signal is suppressed by the trees. Therefore, many people will appreciate the possibility of downloading movies before the trip.

Netflix offers offline mode in a dedicated application for Windows 10.

So far, offline feature has been implemented only for iOS and Android mobile devices. Now, this is available also for Windows 10. Interestingly, the new feature is available in both the desktop and mobile version of the application. Netflix has already released a new version of their app in the Windows Store. Just install it. Of course, the downloaded material is properly protected. You can also choose the quality of the recordings, which obviously translates directly into file size and download time. The dependence is obvious. Better quality (like 720p) means that the video will take up more space and will be downloaded longer time.

Not all shows are available in the offline mode. This is obviously due to licensing provisions. The truth is that most movies and serials are only available through streaming. However, you will be able to download all productions form the Netflix Originals series.

Source: MSPoweruser