Xiaomi is regarded as China’s main competitor of Apple and Samsung. So far, the company was constructing smartphones based on the well-known components. Many people appreciate that Xiaomi uses Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.. However, the Chinese giant electronics company aspires to produce its own chipsets. Samsung and HTC have simillar strategy.

According to the rumours, LG recently transited to the dependence on supplies of Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets. Most likely, Samsung bought the entire first batch of new Snapdragon 835 SoCs for the Galaxy S8 smartphones. Therefore, LG had to decide to release the LG G6 with last year’s Snapdragon 821 processor. There was no other way out, the company did not want to delay the launch of the new flagship.

Xiaomi will prepare two models of its processors: Pinecone 1 and Pinecone 2.

Informations about Pinecone chipsets were circulating the web since November last year. Now they have been confirmed by the social networking site Weibo, which is the Chinese hybrid of Facebook and Twitter. The Xiaomi does not take up this challenge alone. Leadcore company will cooperate with Xiaomi. They have already manufactured Leadcore LC1860 chipset, which powers the Xiaomi Redmi 2A mobile.

Why exactly is Xiaomi going to release two versions of Pinecone processor at the same time? The answer is simple. Individual models will have different parameters, and of course the price. As you would expect, Pinecone 1 will be a standard eight-core Cortex-A53 chip. The processor will be made in the 28 nm technological process. Xiaomi will use Pinecone 1 processor in the mid-range smartphones.

Pinecone 2 has to compete with the most powerfull Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets.

The second version of the processor will be a typical construction designed for the best future flagship smartphones produced by Xiaomi. The processor will offer four energy-efficient Cortex-A53 cores and four consecutive high-performance Cortex-A72 cores. We do not know the technological process of Pinecone 2 chipset. One thing is certain, it will be much more advanced construction than the Pinecone 1. It seems that new Xiaomi’s flagship chipset will be manufactured in 14 nm technology process.

Source: GSM ArenaAnzhuo