In the network, you can often read that a Chinese company Xiaomi delights in “inspiring” other brands in the making of their products. Of course this is recognized in the worst sense of this word. Appearance and names of Chinese companies bring to mind the well known products from mobile IT market. And so, everyone knows what should associate with the name of the Xiaomi Mi 5s.

Personally, I do not mind what he does Xiaomi, because the competition is healthy for the market. Xiaomi shows Apple that it is possible to create a good and elegant product, which does not have to scold your pocket. Of course, I am sure that iPhone fans do not agree with me, but in this madness is the method.

I like good quality electronic devices, but I hate to overpay for it.

I do want to buy everything for pennies, but prices of devices from Samsung and Apple is the murder for our pockets and it may not necessarily justified. Apparently these companies guarantee that their equipment is reliable and the super cool, but as shown by the recent scandal with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, this is not entirely true. Everyone has their ups and downs and no company is infallible. Both the small producer and big concert can manufacture a device that turns out to be a total dud. Therefore, I think that Xiaomi smartphones deserve for the same respect in the mobile market, such as Apple and Samsung. Especially since their great advantage is excellent the quality to price ratio.

Xiaomi Mi 5s phone is notable. That what I have to praise first is the quality of captured photos, which really will satisfy the most of demanding smartphone owners. It is said that the best photos come from iPhone smartphones, but I think that Apple devices are overrated. The front part of the Xiaomi Mi 5s is covered with a single sheet of curved 2.5D glass. Below it is a fingerprint reader, such a solution is called a Qualcomm Snapdragon Sense ID. It uses ultrasound waves which are able to pass through these materials. It turns out that by using this feature, Xiaomi Mi 5s has become a great product enjoying eye.

The back cover of our new Chinese is made of brushed aluminum.

On board the Xiaomi Mi 5s we have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 with built-in graphics chip Adreno 530. No one can be surprised that the smartphone is available in two versions: Xiaomi Mi 5s and Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus. What is predictable. The two models differ in CPU clock speed (2.15 GHz, and 2.35 GHz), amount of RAM and internal memory (3-4 GB of RAM and 64-128 GB flash Xiaomi Mi 5s, 4-6 GB of RAM and 64 128 GB flash). All of these components used make the smartphone from Xiaomi can be really fast and efficient device.

Xiaomi Mi 5s is equipped with a 5.15-inch screen, and the Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus has 5.7-inch display. Resolution of these devices is up to 1920 x 1080 pixels. The addition, which enjoys is also a dual camera used in the Plus version of the Mi 5s. One of the cameras is applied colour and the other black and white, just like in the model Huawei P9. New Xiaomi Mi 5s is much cheaper than the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7. The only feature that differs from its competitors smartphone from China is not waterproof.