Samsung and Apple have been battling marketing for clients for years. Not surprisingly, both companies are targeting the same customer group. But they want to achieve success in different ways. Apple puts the emphasis on ease of use and the incredible underpinning of its solutions. Samsung is attacking with new technology and powerful technical specifications. This time, just after the launch of the iPhone X, Samsung decided to point out to its competitor all the technological shortcomings.

The new Samsung ad is about an Apple brand fan that has been faithful to the launch of its first iPhone since 2007. Three years later, he acquired a revolutionary iPhone 4 that delighted everyone with a new design. However, this device had small internal storage, which could not be expanded with the microSD card. In this case, Samsung could have been more at odds with its competitor, because the iPhone 4 had a known problem in the industry and the antennas lost their reach as the phone was “badly” held. Three years later, in 2013, our hero is (yet) a happy iPhone 5 (or 5s) user, but his joy does not last long because his newly meet girlfriend quickly writes his the phone number with a stylus SPen in a note on her Galaxy Note. 3. He hardly writes her phone number with the touch of a keyboard. Steve Jobs then stated that the touch screens on the iPhone are so precise that a finger is enough to handle them. In 2015, we watched Apple fan waiting for the iPhone 6s in the rain, so that the next summer to drown it in the lake.

Samsung Galaxy Note of his girlfriend survived the bath because its waterproof.

Another purchase of our Apple fan is the iPhone 7, which in the box in addition to the headphone also has a mini jack adapter. But this is not enough for the hero of Samsung’s new advertising, because he needs special adapter that allows him to simultaneously charge smartphone and use wired headphones. Galaxy Note 8 of his girlfriend is quietly charging on the wireless charger. Apparently it was already a point of inflection, because his next choice was the newest Samsung smartphone with a stylus. The new iPhone X has not convinced him.

Source: Samsung