Samsung marketers from time to time are preparing advertisements that make fun of the technological gaps of Apple products. This time, the LTE modems installed in the Galaxy S9 and the iPhone X were chosen for the view. Samsung used the modem of category 18 (1.2 Gbps) in its model, and Apple equips its latest smartphones with category 12 (600 Mbps) modems. As you can see, marketers could not forgive this topic.

It is known from today that Apple smartphones are slightly backward in terms of technology relative to Android smartphones. However, the Cupertino engineers have always dealt with these limitations very well and used the potential of current technologies very well. That’s why iPhones make good-quality photos despite cameras with fewer megapixels, or Retina displays can compete with some OLED screens. However, I do not understand why Apple is always left behind when it comes to wireless technology solutions. The latest models (i.e., iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X) are the first models that support the modulation of 256 QAM. Samsung introduced this solution already in the old Galaxy S7 by updating the software. Apple’s smartphones also regret the low number of aggregated frequency bands. iPhone X aggregates only three carriers, and Galaxy S9 up to 5.

Not everyone will notice that the iPhone X has a much slower LTE modem than the Galaxy S9

We are all aware of the fact that the speed of downloading data via mobile networks depends on many factors. This is mainly about the power level of the received signal (i.e. the distance from the base station), the number of people using the same sector (i.e. the load of the base station) and the number of bands supported by the operator’s transmitter. Unfortunately, most base stations do not yet support bands aggregation technology, and as it is already implemented, operators usually limit themselves to 2 bands.

Finally, it’s worth remembering how Samsung’s Samsung marketers have mocked Apple’s products recently. In one of the ads we see a faithful iPhone user who needed a few years to grow up to the Samsung Galaxy Note.

However, another advertisement refers to the well-known problem of deliberately slowing iPhones 6.