The Chinese can fake everything, including smartphones. Of course, I do not mean here the phone that his appearance to resemble the latest iPhone. We already had to deal with fake iPhone 7, which was available in China three months before the official presentation of Apple. This time we lived to forge Samsung Galaxy S8, which still (officially) never saw the light of day.

I have to admit that the Chinese are very clever. They were able to imitate the upcoming flagship solely on the basis of leaks, which goes to the network. It is true that we have a press render and several video recordings. However, this is not the same thing as a tangible product. By the end of it is not known if the image found on the Web is a good photomontage or unique photograph of an early prototype or someone actually deliberately faked a phone that is not yet available on the market.

Better to be careful when you will buy the new Samsung Galaxy S8

I would not be surprised if soon after the official launch of Samsung’s latest flagship, someone tried to sell these faked phones at a very attractive price. The photo was placed on the well-known Chinese social networking site, i.e. Weibo. It presents a mobile that looks almost the same as the Samsung Galaxy S8. We know this model already from numerous leaks. Interestingly, the photo was signed as “Huaqiangbei is being abusive”. What does it mean?

Huaqiangbei is a district of Shenzhen city, which lies in Guangdong province of the south-eastern China. It borders with Hong Kong. The most interesting, however, is that in the area of ​​Huaqiangbei there is a lot of electronics stores and manufacturing companies. It seems that one of the companies there could produce parts used in the Galaxy S8 and someone decided to take advantage of this. I have to admit that the phone is reminiscent of Samsung’s new product. But fitted eye will notice that the display of faked mobile is not adapted to the resolution ratio of 2: 1. This is a characteristic of the new Galaxy S8, which makes this phone seems quite elongated.

Source: Android Community