Updates (or more precisely, their lack) are the Achilles heel of Android mobile devices. In the case of the largest producers, the situation has improved, but it is not perfect yet. Holders of flagship products from well-known companies can count on a 2-year support period for the manufacturer. Therefore, many people are positively surprised by the reports that Samsung is preparing an update to Android Oreo for smartphones that showed up in the market in 2015. This is, of course, the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge + and Note 5.

The information that Samsung is preparing Android Oreo for the Galaxy S6 appeared already in November last year. This information was obtained by one of the Internet users during a conversation with various employees of Samsung’s technical support centers. The credibility of this type of sources is average, and a week ago the XDA Developers team dispersed the hopes of Galaxy S6 owners. A beta version of the Samsung Android version of Oreo for Galaxy Note 8 leaked into the network. It turned out that the Samsung software package for the Korean manufacturer preparing the update for the new version of the operating system could be drawn from the software package. This list is quite substantial, but neither Galaxy S6 or Note 5 has been included.

Galaxy S6 Oreo

Information about Android Oreo for Samsung Galaxy S6 comes from the T-Mobile website

Mobile network operators are reliable sources of leaks regarding Android updates. Smartphone makers work very closely with operators (especially in the United States, Canada and Asia), who quickly release updates for smartphones bought in their showrooms. In Poland, this situation looks different, because in Poland contracts with no device are more popular. In contrast, the US dominates the sales model, in which operators are the main distributors of mobile devices. I hope that the information found on the website of the US branch of T-Mobile is not a mistake and Samsung is actually preparing a large update to the flagship launched on the market in 2015. There is a growing awareness among clients about the need to update the smartphone’s operating system. That’s why Android Oreo adapted to the almost 3-year-old device would be a good marketing gesture.

Source: T-Mobile US, Reddit