South Korea launched the 5G network, and Samsung presented a video talk using the new technology and a prototype smartphone. It seems that the Koreans do not hide their cowls so secretly. New devices appear on events that relate to new technology, and the enchanting smartphones are coming to the background. Is this what the Galaxy S10 with the 5G modem looks like?

Samsung and Apple have had something in common so far. Both giants tried their best to make their new smartphones not see the light of day before the official presentation. However, the Koreans are slowly departing from this rule. First, the mysterious Galaxy F appeared at the Samsung Developer Conference. Of course, it was an edgy prototype, which can quite differently differ from the final product design. However, Samsung customers already know what to expect. Another surprise took place on the occasion of the launch of the commercial 5G network in South Korea. Of course, Samsung had to mark its participation in this memorable event. After all, the Korean giant produces not only smartphones, but also has a branch responsible for base stations and core network components. That’s why Samsung employees decided to show 5G running on a real smartphone.

Is this a Galaxy S10?

Personally, I am a bit surprised. I was expecting the first Samsung 5G smartphone to be a device packed with new solutions. In the meantime, we’ve seen a smartphone that at first glance looks like Galaxy S9. At the top there is a fairly large beam that can easily accommodate the front camera and … iris scanner. Exactly the same which, according to recent rumours, was to disappear with the release of the Galaxy S10. In addition, there is a lack of a display with characteristic indentations that we saw at the Samsung Developer Conference. If I had to place bets, I would say that Samsung showed us just a video call on the Galaxy S9 prototype with a 5G modem. It would not be surprising. Oppo also tests the new technology using the Oppo R15 on the market. Alternatively, Koreans showed us the budget (i.e. the cheapest) version of the Galaxy S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10 prototype

An alleged Samsung Galaxy S10 prototype with a 5G modem.

Source: Sparrow News