The Galaxy Note 9 is now available for purchase. On this occasion, Samsung has prepared a special infographic that summarizes the series of the series. Most people think that Galaxy Note smartphones are better than the Galaxy S series, and it’s Notes are the real flagship of Samsung. However, one of the most famous models was missing in the whole list. It is of course a fake Galaxy Note 7, which caused many problems for Samsung.

The Galaxy Note smartphone series has been present on the market since 2011. The first device in this series had a screen size of 5.3 inches, which today does not make any impression. However, the most important feature of the new Samsung phone line was the S Pen. The next instalments of the Note series brought from year to year a larger screen and a more polished stylus, which even Steve Jobs spoke about. The head of Apple assumed that our fingers are the best tool to use the smartphone. That is why a company with a bitten apple has never decided to implement this solution for its devices. Let’s return to the infographics prepared by Samsung. You can familiarize yourself with each model from the Galaxy Note series. Well, almost everyone.

Galaxy Note infographic

What happened to Galaxy Note 6 and Note 7?

People who are not familiar with the names used by Samsung can feel slightly lost when they analyse the list above. After the Galaxy Note 5 immediately appears Galaxy Note 8. What happened to the numbers 6 and 7? Samsung decided to make a small correction of the naming, which was confusing to many customers. A good example here are smartphones released in 2015. Galaxy S6 and S6 edge appeared in the first half of the year, while the second half released the Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge +. That’s why a year later Samsung decided to release all of its flagship smartphones with a 7 digit in the name. And here we come to the heart of the matter. Where is the division of the Galaxy Note 7?

Galaxy Note 7 battery

For Samsung, it is a very embarrassing model. Galaxy Note 7 was a very good smartphone, which introduced some interesting innovations. It had a large battery (3 500 mAh), an iris scanner. In addition, Samsung decided to leave the thickness of the smartphone known from Galaxy S7. All this meant that battery manufacturers were not able to meet the set design assumptions. As a result, smartphones with defective batteries appeared on the market, leading to auto-ignitions. Initially, it was thought that the problem concerns only one series of batteries. Therefore, Samsung has carried out a quick action to replace defective devices. However, it was later found that the batteries from the second factory are also defective. That’s why the Model 7 has been completely withdrawn from the market, and Samsung has developed a demanding battery test procedure. Thanks to this, Koreans are sure that similar events will not happen in the future.

Source: Samsung