I think that already everyone has heard about problems with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. For the record, these phones have problem with self-ignition. It is not yet known (officially) why it happens. Initially, incidents occurred during charging and a series of faulty batteries was suspected. However, after the worldwide battery exchange, the problem still persists. Worse, there were cases when self-ignition also occurred when the smartphone were not being charged. Therefore, Samsung has decided to withdraw the faulty model from sales and production.

Koreans, however, does not sweep the problem under the carpet and they promised to customers that they will discover the cause of spontaneous combustion of Galaxy Note 7. Initially this did not look good, because the engineers were not able to ignite a Note 7 under laboratory conditions. Customers can count on the exchange of purchased Galaxy Note 7 for the S7 Edge or a refund. All elegantly, but the fear remains in people. Therefore, Samsung wants to convince their customers (and investors) that the same issue will never happen again.

Samsung has already found the cause of spontaneous combustion of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.

After a few months of hard work specially appointed for this team finished the work on determining the cause of one of the biggest technological mishaps of the last year. Samsung will provide information about the cause of self-ignition of Galaxy Note 7 phones later this month. Relevant departments are already working on an appropriate publication of the results. It would seem that Samsung could simple upload the full report on their site. But nothing further from the truth. It probably contains a lot of technical details that are not necessarily written in English. It seems that Samsung wants to do everything as it should be. I would not be surprised if a statement explaining the reason of problems with Galaxy Note 7 was published in multiple languages.

The potential causes of self-ignition of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 already circulate in the network.

Theory is very much, but in most cases these are pure speculation unsupported by any facts. The most probable thesis applies too tight placement of the battery. Sorry, but the batteries used in our phones gently swell during use. With normal use, this phenomenon is invisible to us. Measurements made by the Instrumental company suggest that Samsung’s engineers could not leave in the middle of the Galaxy Note 7 enough free space on the swelling of the battery. This theory seems to have a pretty strong foundation. Is it accurate? We will see about that already in the coming weeks.

Galaxy Note 7 battery

Source: SamMobile, Instrumental