The flagship market has been dominated by two companies: Apple and Samsung. Not everyone likes it, but that is true. Other producers are also trying their best, but they rather duplicate the ideas of two giants or target a narrower audience. Does RED, which is a well-known camera manufacturer for professionals, have a chance in the smartphone market? Their first product, Hydrogen One, is unique in every way, but this is not a mobile for everyone.

The new Hydrogen One is characterized not only by the world’s first holographic screen but also with exceptional modularity. I know that this is not new, because after all, last year we had modular LG G5. This is a very good model, but somehow it was not dominated the market. Also, LG has figured out that modularity is not so cool and the LG G6 is already a normal flagship smartphone. However, in the case of Hydrogen One, it will look quite differently.

RED will equip the Hydrogen One smartphone with a new ultra fast data bus for connecting accessories.

The usual USB-C has its limitations. RED has promised that their smartphone will be compatible with professional cameras. There are models like Scarlet, EPIC and Weapon. Can you imagine connecting to a smartphone something like this?

RED camera

Chorographic screen RED Hydrogen One will display h4v format recordings.

They will be available on the RED Channel platform, where you can download or stream holographic material. Interestingly, not only films will be available, but also documentaries, games and other types of content. The screen is supposed to have a diagonal of 5.7 ” and be able to display both traditional and holographic materials. All this is going to be the beginning of a new ecosystem of RED solutions. So something like Apple’s solution, but targeted to multimedia and support of professional cameras. The price also indicates that Hydrogen One is not for everyone. The cheapest model costs $1 195 and is made of aluminium housing. More expensive model with a titanium casing is already an expenditure of $1 595. However, for those who invest in RED cameras, this is not a big expense. Their prices oscillate around the tens of thousands of USD, but the cost of lenses and other necessary accessories must be added.

The RED Hydrogen One Smartphone will be available in the first quarter of next year. However, you can already pre-order the device by the manufacturer page.

Source: RED