HMD Global has promised some time ago that the new Android smartphones from Android will continue to receive updates. About the fact that new Nokia smartphones quickly get security updates, we already know. We are now waiting for the first Nokie Android Oreo. All indications are that soon such an update will appear on the Nokia 8, but at the same time appeared information supporting the status quo blocked bootloader.

The Finns want to convince their customers in quite an interesting way. The first step of their marketing strategy is the use of positive associations with the Nokia brand. The second is high quality of the product from mechanical perspective. The third aspect is an attractive technical specification at a moderate price. The last but equally important factor for convincing customers is to take care of the quality of the software that is always up to date. Therefore, HMD Global is introducing only minor changes to Android coming directly from Google.

Nokia 8 will receive an update to Android Oreo most likely in October.

There are already pictures showing Nokia 8 mobile with the new Android. However, it is still in the testing phase. Fortunately, the owners of this smartphone will not have to wait long for an update. Recent reports say that Android Oreo for Nokia 8 will be ready by the end of October. However, some fans want more. Infatuated Android fans like to experiment and want to have complete control over their device. They do not like to be in any way limited by the manufacturer. That’s why there are questions about unlocking the bootloader, which will allow you to install custom ROMs. However, Juho Sarvikas from HMD Global ruthlessly bridged the hopes of users.

Noting that the bootloader will not be unlocked for security reasons has caused a great storm in the community. Also, mention of voluntarily making modifications to the Android kernel was quite unfortunate, because HMD Global is obliged to do so by the terms of the GPL license. Most interesting of all is that after a week it turned out that HMD Global has plans to unlock the bootloader, but will do it later.

Source: AndroidHeadlines