The Finnish company Global HMD knows what to do. Currently, they have the exclusive right to manufacture mobile devices with the Nokia logo. Microsoft did not know how to take advantage of Nokia brand, so their mobile department lost a lot of money. While the first Android smartphone from HMD, which is Nokia 6, was a success. However, the company has in its offer also devices without a touch screen. This time they have decided to bring back to life an indestructible phone, which is, of course the legendary Nokia 3310.

This is not a joke. In a few days HMD Global will present a refreshed version of the Nokia 3310. The device will be presented during MWC 2017 in Barcelona on 26th February. The new Nokia 3310 is expected to cost 59 EUR (about 3 150 PHP), so I guess it will find buyers who still remember the classic phones. The original version of this device was produced in 2000, Nokia sold over 100 million copies of Nokia 3310 mobile. This phone is known mainly from the mechanical strength and durable battery. It seems to me that the HMD will make a good remake. Nokia 6 already has been hailed as a worthy substitute Nokia 3310, because you can use it as a hammer.

HMD will also present new Nokia smartphones with Android.

The new Nokia 3310 will be sold in underdeveloped countries. Perhaps HMD opt for wider distribution of this model, but it should still be treated as a gadget. Finns will earn real money from the sale of Android Nokia mobiles. One of the new smartphones will be Nokia 5. It is a phone with 720p 5.2” screen, 2 GB of RAM and a 12 MP camera. The proposed price is only 200 EUR (about 10 700 PHP), so Nokia 5 will be cheaper by 20% from already available in China Nokia 6, so Nokia 5 will be another mid-range smartphone.

Another smartphone is even weaker. Nokia 3 will cost 150 EUR (about 8 000 PHP) and it will be a device with the lowest price. So far nothing is known about the specifications of this smartphone. I only wonder when the HMD will show its first flagship. I would like to see Nokia’s mobile with Snapdragon 821 (or even 835) on board. For now, HMD Global manufactures phones affordable, because they explore the popularity of the Nokia brand. All in all, this is not a bad strategy. BlackBerry transited to release expensive Android flagship smartphone, which no one wanted to buy. Apparently, the Finns do not want to make the same mistake.

Source: Venture Beat