WhatsApp is a very popular and respected communicator. Its biggest advantage is the very high level of security. I would compare it even to the iMessage from Apple. Both applications encrypt messages sent in such a manner that their reading is only possible on sender and recipient devices. Even the special services have a problem with the violation of these safeguards. Therefore, WhatsApp is used by Brazilian criminals, which may not entirely be the best recommendation.

This does not change the fact that WhatsApp was due to the high level of security had already been repeatedly blocked by the Brazilian government. Therefore, I do not fear new WhatsApp functionality. Sharing our location in this case is completely safe, because we will be able to control who receives this information. Of course, our location will also be encrypted, so even WhatsApp will not know where we are. Even as someone gets the data stored on the servers, then it will be useless. WhatsApp does not hold there the keys that are needed to decrypt the information sent by us. This applies to text and voice messages, video records and our location.

Live location tracking feature was introduced in the latest beta version of the WhatsApp application.

This refers to the version 2.16.399 in the case of applications for Android, and for Apple devices. This feature is disabled by default, and you can activate it in the settings of group conversation. The tracking can be enabled on 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes or indefinitely (i.e. until you manually disable this option). Information about our position will be delivered to all participants in the chat group.

This feature can be very practical. For example, as you agree together with friends to meet at a specific place, it can quite easily see where everyone is. Sometimes it happens that some people can not find the agreed meeting point. Then you simply activate the option for a few minutes and everyone will be able to easily find. WhatsApp can also be used to replace the location services provided by many carriers. The new service can also be used during field games.

Source: Twitter (WABetaInfo)