Technology constantly surprises us, giving us more and more new solutions. However, communication modules in our cars only cooperate with the smartphone. Most often this integration is limited to the audio connection via Bluetooth, caller choice from our contact list and display SMS. Soon this will change, because Volvo Cars announced that the latest version of their cars from 90 series will support Microsoft software. At first glance we see in these cars Skype for business application.

According to Volvo, this solution will be perfect for people who never have enough time. Of course, you can run Skype for business directly from your smartphone. This is very uncomfortable when you are driving. It is worth mentioning that this will be the first manufacturer who provides such a solution in their vehicles. Car owners with Skype for business will be able not only to join the already ongoing conference, but also check upcoming meetings and the information about other participants. They will be able to make calls or join video calls using a simple menu on the main screen.

Volvo is going to use also Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant.

Can you imagine this duet? In my opinion, the cars are the perfect application for voice assistants. I really enjoy my multimedia steering wheel, but it has limited applications, and only allows for basic operations. While other operations like joining the conference via Skype, make a call or change the destination on navigation system, simply distract the driver. Certainly Skype menu in Volvo will be very ergonomic and everything will be done with as few taps on the screen. However, according to the principles of safety, these actions should be performed only when the vehicle is not running (e.g. at a red light). Cortana voice assistant would solve this problem. However, Volvo will have to a sophisticated system of microphones and clearing audio algorithms.

Source: Engadget