Recently, it has become quite loud about scripts placed on websites that are used to mine cryptocurrencies using the computing power of the Internet users’ computers. That’s why Opera developers decided to introduce the NoCoin option in the latest beta version of their browser, which blocks the cryptocurrency scripts.

The topic of web cryptocurrency miners gained popularity after this type of solution was placed on The Pirate Bay site. Website owners have for a short time tested a new mechanism to raise funds for maintaining the website, which would be an alternative to ads. At the same time, the Coinhive JavaScript Miner script used in The Pirate Bay was configured in a less aggressive way, because it was placed only on part of the pages and did not load the processor in 100%. However, there are more and more malicious advertising campaigns on the Internet, where the same script is configured to use all available computing power. There is also a problem of cybercriminals who attack websites and place on them Monero cryptocurrency mining scripts.

Opera 50 NoCoin

Opera 50 will be the first browser version equipped with the NoCoin option.

For now, this feature is available in the beta version of the browser, which anyone can install. In addition, the latest update includes enhanced built-in support for the VR360 player for Oculus and Chromecast. In addition, the Chromium engine has been updated to version 63.0.3239.84. For now, it is not known when the final stable version of Opera 50 will be released. Most likely, it will appear at the beginning of next year.

Opera 50 NoCoin

Source: Opera