Leaks of data of users of popular websites are something that we have already got used to, but they should not take place. This time we are dealing with stealing data of people using the MyFitnessPal application, which is used to count calories and monitor physical activity. Under Armor (platform owner) asks users to change their password.

The data leaked in February this year. However, MyFitnessPal owners learned about it on March 25. On the other hand, platform users received e-mails asking them to change their password a few days later, on March 29th. Cybercriminals have stolen logins, e-mail addresses and hashed passwords. This means that hackers could not immediately use these data to login on user accounts. However, having hashed passwords allows them to try to original passwords offline. That is why every platform user should change passwords.

Credit cards of MyFitnessPal users are safe

The Under Armor company stores payment methods data elsewhere. Currently, MyFitnessPal owners work with a security company and conduct a joint investigation to determine the identity of cybercriminals. Work is also underway to improve the MyFitnessPal security mechanisms. The message addressed to users is specific and contains all the most important information. However, people who do not have good awareness of IT security may reduce the scale of the attack. The most problems can have people who use the same e-mail address and password to create accounts on many sites. Cybercriminals can crack original user passwords and later use them to login into other popular services. Therefore, wherever possible, you should use two-step verification method.

Source: MyFitnessPal