For some time, the developers of web browsers are falling over which product is more energy efficient. You can find several videos showing the battery life time of a laptop depending on which web browsing application is used. The fight is mostly between Microsoft (i.e. Edge) and Opera, because Chrome loses ignominiously in every test. 

It turns out that Google does not give up and the browser vendors struggle continues. This time, the topic is not about the battery life time but the RAM usage. A lot of people know that Google Chrome is able to devour every amount of RAM. However, developers from Google are working on new solution ant they claim that Chrome browser is able to work in order to use up to 66% less memory than currently.

We all know that Google Chrome is really nice browser, but it has a lot of issues with memory saving.

Chrome is very easy to use, fast and it has very intuitive interface, so I am not surprised that people love this application and Google Chrome is the most popular browser on the market. I am happy that Google has decided to solve the memory usage problem and they will use V8, i.e. Google’s own open source high-performance JavaScript engine. This new engine will be used in upcoming Google Chrome 55 version and it should be available for us by the end of this year. This change will be very beneficial for owners of computers with very small amount of RAM. However, people who own more powerful machines also should be able to notice the difference in Chrome’s performance.