Probably all of us tried to draw something on the computer using Paint app. However, not everyone has the ability to create an image that looks good. Fortunately, here comes Google, more specifically their new project AutoDraw. Artificial Intelligence thanks to machine learning algorithms will recognize our scribbles and will propose a much nicer alternative.

The idea is based on recognition of the shapes which we draw. Several months ago (more precisely in November last year) Google released Quick, Draw! game. What does it have to do with AutoDraw? Internet users had 20 seconds to draw a given object, and the Google algorithm was guessing in real time what we were drawing. All in all, this is very similar to the puns game. In this way, Google has acquired a vast database of information that has certainly contributed to the emergence of the AutoDraw project.


AutoDraw will recognize the shape we have drawn and will propose the nearest alternatives.

In fact, we are dealing with a very simple and free graphic program. The advantage of AutoDraw is a very rich data base of shapes and a way of using them. Do you want to insert a cat? In a classic graphics program you would have to use a search engine and dig through all graphics. In AutoDraw, you draw something that you think resembles a cat, and the artificial intelligence itself propose graphics with cats from its database. Of course, the inserted shape can be freely rotated, scaled etc. Everything is very intuitive and works on any device via a web browser. You can use this on your laptop, tablet and even smartphone.

Google has several applications for the AutoDraw project.

A new sketchbook can be useful when you need to design greeting cards or invitations. Do you want to make an original wish on Facebook? Instead of a simple comment you can just as easily prepare a simple birthday cake graphic and add your wishes. AutoDraw, in addition to shapes, also allows you to insert text, so there will be no problem with it.

Source: Google