Spotify is definitely my favourite streaming music platform. Yes, probably most users, I use a family account. It turns out that Spotify begins to verify whether users who use this type of account are really family.

Of course, people in our country can combine. More than once I have seen posts on Facebook, asking if anyone would find anyone to buy Spotify in the group as a family. The problem is that the platform went to the head and began to verify the location of users. Family accounts are provided, as the name suggests, for families. If we look at Spotify offers, the family plan is the most attractive. Therefore, a lot of people collect group of 6 friends who pay together for the service. In such case, the price for a single person is very low.

Let’s be honest that this is not entirely consistent with the contract.

Apparently it is not directly prohibited, but on the other hand, if we look at Netflix, it is different. This platform explicitly allows such practices. In the network, we can read that the Spiegel Online and Quartzy websites claim that Spotify began sending e-mails in this matter. Apparently, users from at least two countries received messages. Also, worth noting is the procedure that says that at least two users using a family account should live at the same address.

I am interested in what the service would say for these rumours. I did not have to wait a long time. Of course, Spotify commented the situation:

Spotify is currently testing improvements in the use of family accounts, using small groups of users in selected markets. We always test new products and solutions, but we can not provide any more information on this subject.

Of course, I can understand that Spotify wants to get rid of cheaters and earn. The way they are searched leaves a lot to be desired. In my humble opinion, however, it does not work properly. After all, one could accuse that the family is able to live in separate flats, and, for example, unrelated persons, rent the same apartment.