Huawei is facing a lot of problems recently due to concerns about cybersecurity of the 5G network. Despite this, the Chinese demonstrated the 5G home Internet service together with the British operator Three UK. The maximum download speed is 2 Gbps, while the average is as much as 1 Gbps.

It seems that 5G networks will be able to compete with fixed fiber links. The British are getting ready to launch the first commercial services using new technology. The operators there cooperate quite a lot with the Chinese Huawei. Admittedly, before the launch of nationwide 5G networks, Huawei will have to solve several problems related to cybersecurity. However, doubts about the security of the Chinese base stations did not prevent the Three UK operator from presenting the 5G Home Internet with new fast routers. The service is to use the so-called C band, from 3400 MHz to 3800 MHz.

The average download speed of “Home 5G Internet” is 1 Gbos

Three UK and Huawei are preparing to launch 5G home broadband. The new service is to use 100 MHz wide radio block from the band C. This configuration allows data to be downloaded at up to 2 Gbps. However, the average speeds available for a single user will oscillate around 1 Gbps.

Huawei 5G router

The Three UK mobile carrier plans to launch commercial 5G services in 2019. Broadband Wireless Internet will initially be available in densely populated urban areas and at railway stations.