There is no doubt that YouTube is the world’s largest online video content. In fact, it is built around this side is the whole community of video bloggers who are preparing at home pretty professional materials. All that is available for free, and the servers themselves do not pay off. Therefore, on YouTube, we have a lot of advertising, which not everyone likes.

In fact, users are allergic primarily on persistent advertising, which hamper access to the viewing material. Maybe even arouse negative emotions in relation to the advertising of the product. Fortunately, the owners of YouTube seem aware of this and do not want to lose users by too obtrusive advertising. Also, they fear competition from Facebook, which is available to more and more video content.

YouTube will remove unskippable 30-second ads.

It is not only about the reduction in the duration advertising. The next year, they will resign from the 30-second ads that are played before the video material and can not be omitted. Personally I do not use YouTube so much to often meet this kind of advertising. However, they are so stubborn that many people can not give up the use of YouTube. On the planned changes will benefit both users and advertisers.

YouTube TrueView

Google is going to focus now on the TrueView mechanism, which places in the service of advertising in line with our interests. There is no doubt that all types of contextual advertising is much more effective than traditional. Advertisers also ripen slowly to how people consume the content today. People have less and less time, so they prefer the condensed materials, which are short but concise. So it is with advertising. Therefore, YouTube some time ago has also introduced a 6-second ad format. This type of promotional materials is not annoying, but it is interesting for people who will be forced to search for information about the product. This is very important for advertisers, because this kind of ads involve people, not discourage them. It will be benefit for both: YouTube and users, because people will more readily watch the videos posted there.

Source: Engadget