Netflix is the most popular VOD (Video On Demand) service in the world. Its popularity has gained not only because of the attractive price (compared to the offered content), but also a brilliant adaptive algorithm which change the video quality depending on the Internet connection speed and capabilities of the device. Thanks to this Netflix does not consume data packet in the cosmic speed. Initially, the offline mode was not Therefore, offline mode was not planned, but it looks that Netflix’s bosses have recently changed their opinion about this topic.

This subject appeared on the network a few months ago, but the heads of Netflix clearly ticked then, that their service is based on the video streaming and they have no intention to change that. However, no one can ignore the growing share of mobile devices on the Internet market. In the practice, people will not watch their favorite show on a smartphone through the home Wi-Fi when they can watch this on a large TV. The situation is quite different when Netflix users are traveling and they can not use Wi-Fi. Therefore, many people are interested in offline mode. It seems that this functionality can occur in the near or distant future.

Offline mode in Netflix application will be designed for developing countries, where mobile Internet is not fast and reliable.

Netflix earlier this year unlocked its service in more than 100 countries, but the expansion of this service is limited by the poor quality of service and expensive mobile Internet in many countries. This is where Netflix is interested in introducing the offline mode. Therefore it is quite probably that Philippines will be one of the first countries where this functionality will be introduced. The streaming approach of Netflix service works perfectly in the United States where the mobile Internet is fast, reliable and cheap. However, this system does not work in many other countries.

Many people wonder what keeps Netflix before introducing of offline feature.

In my opinion, the argument about the potential copying of downloaded content is pointless, because Netflix application could encrypt downloaded materials without any problem. This approach has been implemented in the Spotify app, where the offline mode performs perfectly and it is appreciated by many users. In my opinion, Netflix may fear the increased load of their servers, because people would start to download entire seasons of their favorite TV series. Another problem could be the dilemma of quality (i.e. the size) of downloaded materials. Unfortunately, we have on the market a lot of mobiles with small amount of internal memory. If you wait for the offline mode in the Netflix app, unfortunately you have to be patient.