Network security is extremely important. This applies especially to those websites where we put any data. As a result, Google promotes the use of HTTPS protocol, which ensures that web pages are encrypted. Therefore, in search results, the pages that have HTTPS encryption are preferred. Similarly, Google prefers in the Play store apps which use HTTPS protocol for communication.

October is the month of NCSAM (National Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month). That is why Google has decided to publish its report on Internet security this month. The Chrome browser has always been designed for security. That is why Google announced last year that their browser will start to inform users that a non-HTTPS pages are not secure. This was not only to raise the awareness of Internet users, but also to convince administrators and site owners to introduce encryption.

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72 of the top 100 sites use HTTPS as the default.

There were only 37 of them in the past year. And 67% of the pages that Chrome is displaying on Android devices is encrypted. This rate was 42% last year. On ChromeOS devices (67% a year ago) and MacOS (60% a year ago), the current score exceeded 75%. The graph presented by Google clearly shows that the increase in HTTPS usage accelerated significantly earlier this year.

Google Chrome HTTPS

Google not only encourages everyone to use HTTPS, but also helps administrators make the transition. Therefore, Google Chrome is one of the main sponsors of Let’s Encrypt project, which provides free certificates. Another initiative is the default SSL activation for communication used by an application built using Google App Engine. Google has also implemented HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) on its Top Level Domains (TLD) domains, which initially were .foo and .dev. This will allow the web browser to automatically switch to HTTPS when visiting any page within that domain.

Detailed information about the use of HTTPS protocol is in the updated Transparency Report.

Source: Google Blog