After the last update Messenger, I have come to the conclusion that this small applications to communicate between Facebook users have more features than I can image. Unfortunately, it means that Facebook Messenger application consumes more mobile data than in the past. This is very problematic for people with expensive and small data plans. They would like to have possibility to limit the amount of data generated by any app.

Messenger app is installed on almost every phone, so in large scale, a lot of mobile traffic could be saved. This mean that Facebook developers have to work on data compression or other data saving feature. Fortunately, they already noticed this issue and the data saving functionality has been implemented in the beta version of Messenger application.

The math is simple: more features in Messenger means more generated mobile traffic.

The highest amount of traffic is generated by all kinds of graphics and other multimedia. Their growth will be very limited in new version of Messenger app. The developers also think how to limit the data generated by My Day feature, which debuted with the last update of the application. At the moment, this function takes a large amount of data in the form of posts from your friends. Currently, the context is being downloaded only after tapping the post. The application also will provide information on how much data we were able to save. This is not much, but you may find that you will enjoy these small changes. This should be especially useful for those who use a lot of Messenger app. The alternative is to use the Messenger Lite which has only the basic features. Messenger Lite offers less than the “full version”, but this is much lighter and provides all features required by typical communicator.