Industrial espionage in full swing. The South Korean prosecutor has charged 11 people who are involved in the theft of Samsung’s technology solutions. The thieves got all the information about how to produce folded OLED displays. The technology, over which Samsung worked for 6 years, was sold to two Chinese companies.

Currently, all smartphone manufacturers are preparing to introduce smartphones with folded screens. Some (like Samsung) are working on their own technology. Others will be forced to buy ready-made solutions. Koreans spent many years perfecting their own solutions. Six years of research consumed $130 million. However, this work have brought specific results. Samsung will start mass production of the folding Galaxy F in a few months. The equipment will not be cheap. Currently, reports on the revolutionary smartphone of Koreans mention the price at the level of 2 thousand British pounds. No wonder the Chinese are also interested in new technology. The company, which will not soon have a folded smartphone in its offer, will not be able to call itself an important player on the mobile device market.

Samsung’s technology has been sold for almost $14 million

The prosecutor’s office has already detained 11 people. These are employees of Samsung subcontractors who stole patterns of folded OLED displays from Koreans. Illegally obtained documents were sold for less than 14 million dollars. However, Samsung publicly stated that the described leak would cause much larger losses. Koreans estimate that technology theft will cost them as much as 5.8 billion dollars in the next three years.

Some media also mention the sale of devices used to produce Samsung screens. At the same time it is not known whether it is dedicated to new folded OLED displays, or maybe it’s about screens with curved edges.

Samsung infinity screen

Accusations do not only apply to industrial espionage. The prosecutor pointed out that Samsung has invested huge amounts of money in research conducted in South Korea, which is important for the country’s economy. Therefore, suspects are accused of acting to the detriment of the state.

Source: CNN