Do you want to upgrade your computer and buy SSD? This is great idea, because this kind of upgrade can significantly boost your old laptop. This is the best moment to buy SSD, because these hard drives will cost more in upcoming months. The report from DRAMeXchange shows that the price of NAND memory increases. Unfortunately it means that SSD manufacturers will have to increase prices.

We have used to the fact that SSD components and flash memories become cheaper and cheaper because of the competition. However, this trend can not last forever. DRAMeXchange claims that the contract prices for MLC modules have increased 6% – 10% during the last quarter. In case of TLC modules, the situation is slightly better, because the increase is insignificant lower and ranges from 6% to 9%. Of course, everything depends on the supplier, but the trend is obvious. It is expected that this situation will not change in the upcoming months. The main reason is the problematic production of 3D NAND modules. A lot of companies were not able to upgrade the production process in effective way. Unfortunately, it means higher production costs.

The only company which was able to move to manufacturing of SSD in 3D NAND technology was Samsung.

This is obvious that electronic manufacturers want to increase their profit from storage sales. Unfortunately, we will have to pay more for SSD of any kind, i.e. these which both MLC (Multi-level cell) and TLC (Triple Level Cell) technologies. This is also very interesting that people buy more SSD devices. It was reported that 3% more SSDs were delivered during the last quarter. The most of the devices available on the market were build basing on the TLC technology. This is quite unlikely that this situation could change. According to the DRAMeXchange, we will have much more SSD storages with PCIe interface. This construction will become more popular on our laptops during upcoming years.

Source: Myce, Trend Force