Qualcomm has prepared quite a nice surprise. It turned out that the world’s largest manufacturer of chipsets for mobile devices decided to spice up its portfolio by introducing the Snapdragon 700 series. The new systems are designed to introduce artificial intelligence to mid-range smartphones.

The Snapdragon 700 platform offers above all a significant increase in efficiency in tasks related to artificial intelligence. Qualcomm worked quite intensively on new processors, which are to solve this type of tasks twice as fast as Snapdragon 660. Thanks to this, developers will be able to develop new applications that will be used by more smartphone owners. Previously, this type of operations allowed only on flagship models.

Snapdragon 700 also has less demand for electricity

Higher efficiency usually means greater appetite of smartphones components for electricity. Therefore, Qualcomm is constantly working on improving the energy efficiency of its chipsets. The Snapdragon 700 series is to be characterized by a 30% improvement (relative to Snapdragon 660) of energy management solutions. In addition, support for Qualcomm Spectra ISP, Kryo CPU and Adreno Visual Processing solutions will allow smartphone manufacturers to prepare models that take good-quality photos. Everything indicates that the new chipsets will be intended for smartphones aspiring to be called “almost flagships”. These models will have a good specification at a reasonable price.

The first commercial samples of the Snapdragon 700 systems will be delivered to Qualcomm partners in the first half of this year. The first smartphones that will replace the models with the Snapdragon 630/660 may be released on the market still this year.

Source: Qualcomm