Recently, quite interesting reports have appeared on the network saying that Google’s voice assistant will appear on Samsung’s Smart TVs. This is quite surprising information, because the Koreans are preparing to strengthen the position of their own assistant, which is Bixby.

Samsung likes to dictate trends. Koreans are very keen on working on their own solutions, which are either new or a good alternative to already available services. As for Bixby’s voice assistant, it is a bit of both. Apparently for Android smartphones we have an available assistant from Google. However, Samsung with the persistence of “maniac” pushes its users Bixby. There is a method in this madness. The Koreans have so far offered Bixby’s assistant for owners of smartphones and TVs. At the same time it is also going to hit other Samsung devices: speakers, tablets, refrigerators, etc. That’s what DJ Koh said at this year’s Samsung Developer Conference.

Does the Google Assistant on Samsung Smart TV mean the end of Bixby?

Not necessarily. I doubt that Samsung would announce the expansion of Bixby if a few months later they would switch to Google Assistant. Perhaps the whole is spreading over the list of languages ​​supported by Bixby Voice. Google is already finishing work on new version of the voice assistant. In contrast, Samsung has not even started to test Bixby’s voice recognize algorithms with more languages. That’s why Samsung was able to opt for a Google Assistant so as not to lose its leading position in the Smart TV market in countries where Bixby does not yet offer full functionality.

Samsung has not commented on the above rumours. The Google Assistant on Samsung TV sets should be presented at the CES in Las Vegas, which will take place from 8 to 12 January 2019.

Source: Variety