Bitcoins and other cryptanalysts miners have recently destabilized the graphics card market. Currently, buying an AMD Radeon graphics card is a miracle. On the auction sites, their prices are unreasonably high. Therefore, miners have started to buy Nvidia GeForce GPUs, because they do not have any other alternative. AMD wants to solve this problem and think about release of models dedicated to cryptocurrency mining.

Mining activity in the long run can have a very negative effect on the opinion about quality of AMD cards. Radeons closed in mines operate at full speed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in very unfavourable temperature conditions. These graphics cards simply were not designed for such use. No computer game uses 100% of computing power all the time, so it does not get to the limit and the fans are working at reduced speed most of the time.

AMD is concerned about flooding the market with damaged cards.

It will be very hard to say which card was previously used for cryptocurrency mining. Windows operating system will detect such a card and even launch a new game on it. Problems will arise later, games running on “new” card may stop working stable, and we will see, for example, blue screen. Under such a scenario, online forums will focus on AMD Radeon card problems. Most people will not even admit that they bought an occasional “exhibit” model on auction. Nvidia is already preparing special models for miners that will be devoid of HDMI and DVI ports. According to rumours, they also have a shorter warranty period than GPUs intended for players.

AMD is considering releasing a special version of the Radeon RX 500 for miners.

For now, they are just gossip, decisions have not yet fallen. The cryptocurrency market is unpredictable. AMD is not sure how long BitCoin and other digital currencies will last. At some point, digging with the Radeons may be out of the question. Then the AMD partners will not find customers for cards that can be used only to perform calculations. Universities and research institutions do not have the same needs as a bunch of miners. There is also another scenario. If all the craze ends up pretty soon and the mines are closed, then on the auction sites we will find used graphics cards that will still be calm under normal conditions. This is what happened in the years 2013 – 2014. Miners often also pay for modernizing their mines and exchanging cards for more powerful and less power-consuming models.