Linux and games? There is nothing to lie to. The publishers of the games usually pass the penguin system with a wide arc. So, players only have the hope that particular title can be launched using Wine. However, Valve wants to change this state of affairs. The Steam client GUI files found entries referring to the Steam Play system ensuring compatibility of games for unsupported platforms.

Players using Linux do not have an easy life. The situation is rescued by a thriving community focused around the Wine project. Thanks to this, it is possible to launch titles that have not received official support on the platform with the penguin logo. I wonder how Valve will approach this issue. The file responsible for the Steam GUI has found an entry referring to the currently inactive option: Steam Play will automatically install compatibility tools that allow you to play games from your library that were built for other operating systems. For now, it is not known if Valve is working on her own emulator or if she is going to use the existing Wine. Perhaps Steam Play will use container dockers that will contain the emulation environment configured for the game. However, this is just one of many theories. Valve has not commented on the entries found in the source code.

Steam Play

Does running games on Linux still make sense?

The problem of transferring games between platforms does not only affect PCs, but also consoles. That is why some representatives of the computer games industry are beginning to talk openly about the future, which is playing in the so-called the cloud. This is, of course, about game streaming services such as GeForce Now. A good example here is the statement of the head of Ubisoft who said that the next generation of consoles will be the last one. The advantage of streaming video from computer games is that players would not have to buy the equipment needed to play. More precisely, it would be enough to buy a TV, a possible adapter and a compatible controller. There would also be a subscription to the relevant service. However, on PCs and laptops, it would be enough to install the right application. Of course, you also need to have an appropriate internet connection. However, it now seems that fiber-optic links and Wi-Fi operating at 5 GHz, are enough to be able to play without perceptible delays.

Source: ArsTechnica