It would seem that EA again gave mobile users the next version of the Sims, which in no way resembles the original game. As it turns out, since 2011 much has changed. Our mobile devices will finally get the full version of The Sims, which has graphics and interface adapted to the touch screen.

The fans of the series will be delighted to hear that the latest information on this production is not about the expected design. This game is almost finished. As the title suggests, The Sims Mobile may be a touch screen version of The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge, which was released on Windows and MacOS (then it was OS X) in 2014.

Along with the information, we also got a short teaser of The Sims Mobile game.

As if not looking, Electronic Arts has finally made this. Trailer of The Sims Mobile production includes several elements that will surely fall in love with the players. This will include creating Sim, building a house, social interaction and even family planning. The Sims Mobile version will also show legacy, career, hobbies, and relationships with other Sims. According to what EA says on their website when our Sims reach their career goals and retire, they will receive the Heirlooms award, which will unlock the hobby and career path for future generations so we can move with the new Sims deeper conversations.

The Sims Mobile will allow us to enjoy online entertainment

It is also worth noting that the teaser presented us with multiplayer mode. Unfortunately, EA has not yet determined how many items and areas will be available after launching online games. Although the game will be available for free download from the store, we can be sure that Electronic Arts will introduce also micropayments. The success of Pokemon GO and other mobile games show that this is very successful strategy.

Minimal restrictions of the mobile version.

The Sims mobile version is in a sense different from the full version of Sims 4. Users will get control of a single Sim, so the set of imposed rules alone will limit what we can do. Players will begin their adventure with one adult Sim and they will continue their path of life through home, career and family development. The game already had its premiere in Brazil and it will be soon available in the Google Play and iOS App Store.

Source: The Sims