Elon Musk has announced that the software update for Tesla cars (version 9.0) will include several classic Atari games. In one of them (Pole Position races) you will be able to play with the steering wheel. Fortunately, this option will only be available at the stop. Additionally, Elon Musk invites game developers to apply to Tesla.

Will we ever see real autonomous cars that will not have to be supervised by man? The current Tesla software is for now “only” an advanced system supporting the driver of flesh and blood, which at the same time improves safety. However, Elon Musk is already thinking about what the driver will do when all this advanced autonomy will be refined. One of the ideas is the extraordinary world in which the car turns into a game console. That’s why Tesla V9.0 includes games like Pole Position, Tempest and Missile Command. Of course, the company also thought about security here.

Tesla will allow you to run games only at a stop

Fortunately, cars from Elona Musk’s company will not let you play while driving. This limitation is understandable. Implemented “autopilot” works only in limited conditions and requires constant supervision by the driver. That’s why the game can only be started when the car is standing. It is also interesting that the formula 1 races (Pole Position play) will be controlled by the steering wheel of the car. Such a feature immediately stimulates our gray vision cell for the future, in which autonomous cars will also function as a gaming console. Therefore, Elon Musk is already inviting game developers to cooperate.

I doubt that Tesla would be interested in games like Skyrim or The Witcher. A lot of practically can be here simple games known from mobile devices, or titles addressed to Sunday players. Especially that you do not need too much computing power for such games. The proof of this is the Nintendo Switch console, which offers decent graphics with only the Nvidia Tegra mobile graphics.