The Super Mario Run game will be released soon. This is a version of the popular game with a plumber in red trousers. However, only iPhone smartphones owners will be able to download this game on 15th December. Android users will have to wait longer, but this game will be finally available also on their devices. Super Mario Run will be available for free, but you will have to pay in order to unlock all levels. Therefore, the developers had to implement some protection mechanism against pirates.

It turns out that Super Mario Run will require the Internet connection to play.

This can be little shocking, but it is not the first time when the offline game requires Internet connection because of the security mechanism. The similar approach was implemented in one part of the Assassin’s Creed series. I am sure you will strongly upset because of this, but the decision and explanation from Nintendo seem very sensible and specific. I can even say that I understand them.

The expectation is that new production will have the similar popularity to the Pokemon GO. This is very optimistic assumption, but we have to remember that the Super Mario Bros is not just a game. A lot of people are waiting for premiere of Super Mario Run, including me. This is the first official Mario game for mobile devices. So far, no title with the red plumber has officially appeared on our smartphones. This upcoming title as the result of collaboration between Nintendo and Apple. Therefore, Apple strongly promotes this game and they will have time limited exclusiveness. Super Mario Run will also not have a micropayment system and you will have to pay only once. Fortunately, it will be possible to test the game (i.e. play couple levels) before buying.