Unfortunately, this time, despite the preparations undertaken by Valve and the start additional servers, their service could not stand the amount of inquiries and was automatically locked. Unfortunately, the cause of server failure is not yet known. Everyone eagerly waited for the Winter Sale on Steam.

As you can see, not all players were able to buy their favourite game on Steam sale.

It is quite disappointing news for many players. A lot of people expected that servers will be able to handle this huge traffic as every year. Unfortunately, this time administrators of Steam servers underestimated the possibility of users in finding the best offers. During the attack besides blockage Steam Market, users also have blocked instant messaging communication between friends. Many other functionalities of the platform were also not working. Therefore, I am not surprised that the buyer and ordinary players are frustrated by the fact of gaming platform failure.

Was it the DDoS attack?

Browsing a lot of information and reports, like the one given by the Game Rand, the main reason for the collapse of the network is that the overload was caused by the stopper and forcing sent queries. Likewise, the theory is considered a DDoS attack. The victim was, of course, the Steam platform. Especially this thesis is quite probably in such an important time for the company. Analogous to the problems which occurred recently on Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. Currently servers are restored and are in the ready state. To this day, Valve has not issued an official statement justifying and confirming crash of their servers.

Steam Refunds and Returns policy is not clear.

Not since today we know that the Valve company was sued by developers and distributors of video games. The lawsuit still continues and it concerns the 2011-2015 years and reaches more than $2 million of refund. Until now, it was not known when people can apply for a refund. This was typically due to shortcomings in the policy, which now will be corrected. However, Valve will be forced to give back money to buyers within 30 days.