This is really great news for all PC players who would like to play some games using the console controller. The latest change log of Steam update contains information about the DualShock 4 support. This is the result of long efforts and agreements between Sony and Valve, where after a long beta, and finally the full version went to the hands of users. And I will tell you the possibility of using this falls and the list that you write is really large. And perhaps, as one of many, again, I spend long hours playing Rocket League, only this time on official drivers.

How does DualShock 4 support in Steam work?

Opportunities gives us the overlay, are many. In addition to the basic settings as vibration or fall setting appropriate acceleration, we can control the built-in controller of light. Using the option, we can set the panel color of the light not only on what we want, but also the brightness and the mode of the display, such as the permanent light pulse, fading, and so on and so forth. Another feature, which divided the Sony, is to use a gyro in the same application as the use of it with the onscreen keyboard console PlayStation 4 or simply an additional option for games of integration with the space. Sam touch panel fulfills a very important function during play, as for his help, we can program it (Just like in the touch panel Steam Controller), to use exactly the same behavior of the mouse and keyboard, which we gave him.

Is it so great convenience?

I say yes, always handy a couple of additional quick results with games such as Dark Souls, Rocket League, Battlefield or even Fifa. It is also worth to mention that the update also introduced the option to control mouse analog knobs and is available for all pads. It really is a great convenience. In my opinion this was very awaited feature. Personally, I do not like when I have to get up, go to the desk, click 3 times and sit back on the couch. Now, I can do the same without moving using my console pad.