As a fan of strategic games and all sorts of RTS games I would be not myself, if I did not mention about one of the biggest curiosities of the gaming world that has recently hit the market.

In my life, only a few titles left so strong memory, that I could come back to them again and again. These are classics whose installation files I would never get rid of and I have them in the most original versions as possible. This list includes, among others titles, Diablo, Heroes of Might and Magic and… StarCraft. Of course, the latest title could not miss out on my list. This is a game that I really love and I have a great sentiment towards it. I spent hours with every version that came on the market. That is why I am more pleased to see that there will be a version that will allow the owners of the new Windows 10 to enjoy the game, without additional impediments.

The compatibility of StarCraft Remastered with Windows 10 is not enough.

Blizzard has also promised 4K resolution in the renewed version of StarCraft. The remake is supposed to hit the users within the next few months. This is not a rumour or fake news from the net. The information has officially been confirmed by Blizzard. According to reports, remastered version will also include a refreshed StarCraft add-on: Brood War. I would say that this is a really great gift from Blizzard and I hope this is not a joke before Prima Aprilis.

The new version has a lot of improvements, so fans of the title should be satisfied with the effect.

The whole soundtrack was re-recorded. All this in order to rejuvenate dialogues. What’s more, adding zooming feature significantly improves the gameplay. There will also be a possibility to change the keys sets. To protect others players and their gameplays, Blizzard added advanced cheating system using so-called cheats too. New textures will be introduced, but the entire gameplay will remain as it was in the original version. I think that fans of title would not be disappointed. They also added another feature, that I did not even expect. In network mode, users will be able now to play classic and renewed games. It’s really cool facility.

There is also a theme that will appeal to those who are crazy about support and updates. It turns out that the new/rejuvenated StarCraft will receive full support from the publisher and frequent updates. It looks really very promising. The version will also be compatible with new systems, such as Windows 7/8/10. Blizzard has yet another surprise for its fans. It turns out that when the official release of the remastered version of the original StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War, they will be available online for free. Of course, the release date is not yet known, but Blizzard is aiming in the summer of 2017, which is not very long.

Source: PC Magazine