A large part of open source projects presents such good quality that large corporations like to use free solutions created by the community. Sony does it too. It turned out that PlayStation Classic is a retro console based on the free PCSX Reloaded emulator, which was transferred to the ARM architecture and packed in a nice and well-made housing.

Sony is known for not being embarrassed by the emulators of PlayStation consoles. The Japanese in 1999 filed a lawsuit against Connectix Corp, which released the Virtual Game Station (VGS) – emulator for the PlayStation console for PCs with Windows and Macintoshes. The first “round” ended with Sony’s defeat, but after the appeal, a ban on the distribution of the emulator was issued. Therefore, no one expected that the Japanese giant will ever decide to cooperate with the creators of any emulator. However, Sony decided to use an open source emulator when developing a new retro console.

PlayStation Classic is based on the PCSX Reloaded emulator

This fact surprised the players not only because of Sony’s reluctance to emulators. In the end, the Japanese have developed their own PlayStation emulator for the portable PSP. However, despite this, they decided to choose a solution created by the community. Is it wrong? Not necessarily. The PCSX Reloaded emulator is refined and works on many platforms. In addition, it has code snippets of the original PlayStation console. That is why we can expect that PlayStation Classic will not have compatibility problems with twenty preinstalled games. Sony also has the full right to use the emulator free of charge, as it is licensed under the GPL. This means that the Japanese only need to publish the code of their PCSX Reloaded implementation. Sony will post it on its website.

As we already know, Sony will not prepare any new games on PlayStation Classic. However, the use of an open source emulator and the publication of the code means that some kinds of modifications may appear on the Internet. I will not be surprised if the community takes PlayStation Classic to the workshop and finds a way to install new games. While such an operation would be rather legal, a separate issue is the way of obtaining and distributing ROMs with games.

Source: DSOGaming