Sony maintained PlayStation 3 console for very long time, so it was 10 amazing years. Unfortunately, as all the equipment in the IT world, its era has come to the end. In an official statement, Sony said that they will soon end production of the PlayStation 3.
We do not know the exact date, but unofficial reports say that this may be done by the end of March. Of course, the end of production will not mean that the console completely disappear from shops. You still will be able to buy it. At least for couple months.

The long history of the Sony PlayStation 3

This amazing console was released on 11th November 2006. It was a great leap hardware, since the new version, the PlayStation 2 appeared after 6 years. It won the large group of supporters and professional players. Productions have been released on it today arouse the admiration of its gameplay and graphics. The success of the console also say the same true worlds. PlayStation 3 during these ten years has sold 85 million copies. This model also revolutionized the market. Mainly due installed in them readers Blu-Ray, enhancing possible to store data space. Likewise, the console manufacturers have focused on the possibility of online play, which allowed eventually to connect players from all over the world.

PlayStation Network store will be still available

Despite the end of production, PlayStation Store still will be available for the players. So we do not need to worry about our being collected for a long time in the digital collection. The good thing, however, at the end of support, so the memory of the console itself, we may find an hour of time to run it again and play in its brilliant productions. In the end, certainly in my head stuck images of games to which it is a pleasure to go back memories such as God of War, Uncharted and Heavy Rain. Only what users they would lose this support and upgrades for the system. So, until the console still exists on the official lists of PlayStation, it is worth to update it.