Just a year ago it was loud about PGS, the Portable Gaming System. This console was based on the Atom and Mediatek Helio X2X processor architecture, and give users the ability to play on Windows 10 or Android platform.

After a year, the developers of the console, who started their career at Kickstarter, decided to change their state of financing the console production. By resigning from the Kickstarter platform, which has already reached $300,000, they decided to fund their entire production process on their own. It was really a tough decision for PGS producers. Thinking of it, I immediately remembered the first version of the Oculus Rift. At the beginning it was a simple startup design, which turned into a great product known all over the world. In the end, just as the makers of Oculus, who have embarked a new era of gaming, PGS creators maybe will introduce a whole new alternative to popular portable consoles.

What will be in Portable Gaming System?

Over the course of the year, the console went through not that small renovation. Makers changed the button layout and added new model into their offer with a slightly weaker specification, the PGS team wants to reach all mobile gamers. The idea of ​​mobile games adapted to the buttons of portable consoles makes me a little positive dizziness. In the end, everyone would want to play a game available on Windows 10 or Android and be independent of the keyboard and mouse. The device will have a 5.9-inch main screen with Full HD resolution and a smaller, 3.2-inch support screen.

To meet the highest hardware requirements, it will be equipped with two different GPUs and CPUs. Windows 10 will run on the Intel Atom x7 2.56 GHz and Intel HD Graphics 600 MHz processor. For Android, there will be a 2.5 GHz Mediatek Helio X2X 2.5 GHz supported by the Mali T880 graphics processor. The PGS console will also have 8 GB (for Windows) and 3 GB (for Android) of RAM. As if not looking, we have to trust the creators and believe that this amount of memory will surely satisfy us for all our operations. For our gameplay to last as long as possible, PGS has installed a 6800 mAh battery in the console. It is also worth mentioning the aspect of saved data in console. To use it without unnecessary hassles on the internal memory, the console will come with 128 GB of storage for Windows and 32 GB of internal memory for Android. I think these quantities are quite enough for users to store all kinds of data on their devices.


Two versions will be available: Hardcore and Lite

Two hardware versions of The Portable Gaming System console will be available. The difference between the models will be quite huge. The main screen, which the Lite version will offer HD resolution at 5.5 inches. To reduce costs, the Lite version will only offer one screen, with no lower screen support. The topic of weight loss is the same for both physical and operational memory. Model Lite, will offer users 4 GB of RAM for Windows and 2 GB for Android. As far as internal memory is concerned, we will have to settle for half of what Hardcore offers. We will get 64 GB for Windows and standard 16 GB for Android. For this moment the standard version, Hardcore will cost us $319, and Lite version $259. The console itself, according to the announcement, should be available in the second quarter of this year.

Source: PGS Lab