Not for the first time, when players was surprised about new edition of one of the most popular game series in the world. With the launch of Nintendo Switch, it’s the next big leap in the games of the Super Mario series, that using all the advantages of the new console. All this to Super Mario Odyssey could become the best game of the year.

The old scheme of Super Mario Bros. games everyone knows and I probably don’t need anyone to explain it. In fact, developers have to admit their courage in creating new game with original concept. This time we will be moved to new maps like colourful and imaginary worlds, forests, deserts, and perhaps for the first time in the series to the centre of large cities. So this time, Mario will be a real challenge when he will search for a kidnapped Princess Peach. He would have to traverse a long way to find her and not run out on its surprises and events on his path. From the trailer, published on the official Nintendo’s YouTube channel we can find out very much about this world and travelling.

There’s nothing like the thrill

Everyone likes a thrill, especially when you know that opponent is right behind you. In Super Mario Odyssey we will be able to feel this really often. Especially knowing that one big rocket chasing us, which already for 27 years looks at us ominously. Of course, we can escape from it easily. In game, we will get entirely new moves that will enable us parkour. This system, together with the use of creating mini-platforms from our hat on a small distance will open new opportunities to explore the world modelled on sandbox style. Thanks to new techniques will be able to climb walls and walls, hang on lamps and tubes protruding and already previously known tricks. We will be able to get into high-rise buildings by the technique of bouncing between closely spaced walls. Skills also come in handy to defeat new enemies and heavy maps on which they are located.

Back to the old N64

Already a long time since we had such fun as full of all kinds of boards straight from Super Mario 64. The fullness of colour, lot of enemies and heavy levels that force with us some thoughts before approaching the enemy. That kinda resembles a kind of preparation straight from Dark Souls. All this with full 3D control character and the ability to climb and swim. What’s more, thanks to the integration with the environment, we will be able to climb the lampposts to our chosen destination. The game allows us to have pets too. I must admit that I expected to see on the trailer somewhere Yoshi. With help from pets, we will be able to traverse much faster boards and ramming smaller opponents.

It is, frankly, a really interesting option added by developers. Nintendo is going to release the game Super Mario Odyssey on holidays 2017. I hope that we will not have to wait too long. And in the meantime, we can look at the other productions and just relax.