Nowadays, you can expect everything from miniaturization. Welcome to detail in the world of smartphones and customized games. In February we will see FINAL FANTASY XV: POCKET EDITION, the incarnation of her older brother, but this time it is adapted for all players riding in communications or waiting in the waiting room.

The new Square Enix game, which is one of the best known jRPG series, will hit our phones with Android and iOS in February. Leaks about the premiere and the information about FINAL FANTASY XV: POCKET EDITION appeared in the App Store application. If you want to find new products, you can find more information on the official website with the possibility of preorder games. The new Final Fantasy for smartphones will be a production that will show us the story of the fifteenth part of the series in a new, simplified and can be said sweet form of chibi.


The game will be available for free for download on both Android and iOS devices.Thanks to this we will be able to try if the game will be liked before buying it. We will get 2 out of 10 available chapters for free. What’s more interesting, the game will consist entirely of actions performed by touching the screen. Thanks to this solution, we will not see on the screen a nuisance mushroom or action buttons that have recently been trying to force us the developers of mobile games. When it comes to specifying Apple phones, the game will be available for devices running from iOS version 11.1. The app will also work on all iPhone 6s and newer. It will require a minimum of 8GB of space. Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition will be available on February 9, 2018.