Which one of you has to deal with the IT market long enough to remember a title like Crazy Taxi?

This is a game that was released in 1999. It was created for arcade machines. Some of our readers then jumped from egg to egg. This is a game in which everyone interested can take on a crazy taxi driver and try their hand in this combination of arcade and racing. This is an open world title. Very cool is that more important than the compliance with traffic regulations is… breaking the above mentioned rules, may be interesting.

Most of you would compare this game to GTA, but it may not be necessary.

It is not a novelty that nowadays programmers and producers like to dig up old and playable hits. Nothing unusual. Games had some element of surprise in them. The titles that have been made lately, somehow do not appeal to me. Like many other titles, Crazy Taxi has also been released for mobile devices. It is kind of blow to the sentiment of the players, but it can work. What is most interesting, Crazy Taxi was so far available only in paid options. Since the last weekend, the distribution of this game has changed, in favour of the customer. Crazy Taxi for Android and iOS is now offered for free. Of course, it did not work without a micropayment, but this is already the mobile world. To this form of monetization I have already become accustomed to. In the end I have an apparent choice.

Releasing the 1999 game to play the emotion of the players is nothing more.

The worst move on the part of Sega seems to be the decision to remove some titles from app stores.

It is extremely important for us that the fans of our titles – regardless of the platform they are in touch with or the operating system – can count on the best possible experience. After reviewing our titles, we decided that some of them did not fit today’s standards.