One of the best series of our time this year celebrate its 20th anniversary. It is a personal feast, because Diablo is my favourite series, when it comes to PC games. For the console version is not especially fond of, but it’s probably the fault of my aversion to pads. I prefer the mouse and keyboard.

Anyway game series Diablo stole my heart a long time ago.

I promised myself, that night sessions with this game after several days in a row should disappear. But unfortunately, it’s stronger than me. I’m glad that Blizzard on the 20th anniversary decided to prepare for the fans of the series very interesting event. This is a really worthy of honouring both. Developers and gamers, who were well acquainted with these titles all the time. Surprises are to appear in other titles of Blizzard. The legs of the event can find games such as Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Overwatch, StarCraft II and World of Warcraft. Remember that the planned attractions will be available for a limited time, so be careful that you don’t miss anything. Of course, as a fan of the series have prepared for you some trivia that will appear in game.

Diablo is my favourite series.

Gift will apply to Diablo III, but you will find something for themselves also fans of the first title in the series – Diablo I. I must admit that I was very interested in what Blizzard intends to introduce. About the addon I learned from a colleague, who spoke about it with big smile on his face. With released update, we can survive once the classic adventure from the first part of the Diablo, thanks to anniversary event – Darkness over Tristram. The idea is that after passing the specific location we unlock a portal that takes us straight into the world of Diablo I. I am even able to be said that it will be exactly Diablo I. The network can even find information that allegedly Blizzard has prepared for fans locations with exactly the same pixelated graphics, which took place in the first part of the series. It is more a surprise for older fans of the series. I think, that young people, who do not like retro games, could kill with these pixels. I just wonder whether this functionality will not kill my love for Diablo. But I’m afraid that when I now see how the game looked to all its charm splashes. I hope it will not.