Pokemon GO is the great phenomenon of mobile games and no one can argue with this fact. This the most popular augmented reality game had 45 million of active daily players. These numbers are from July this year. In August, the number of daily active Pokemon GO trainers has dropped to 30 million. Unfortunately, the winter is coming in many countries, so Niantic knows that the number of active players will decrease further.

So far the released updates of Pokemon GO have introduced only minor changes and improvements are great changes, but it was nothing special. In fact, all the players have been waiting with bated breath for the introduction of the second-generation or fights between players. So far, however, Niantic did not introduce these changes in Pokemon GO, but nothing is lost. Niantic Labs is going to introduce a big update in December this year and, if the rumors are correct, the Pokemon GO trainers will get really nice Christmas present.

According to the rumors, Niantic’s developers is working on this Pokemon GO update for a long time

I know that these are only rumors, but I remember a lot of Pokemon GO speculations which turned out to be true. It is quite probably that the upcoming update will bring to the Pokemon GO game: fights between players, second generation of Pokemons (100 new Nintendo monsters), the trade system (including Pokemon exchange mechanism) and even the legendary Pokemons with CP (Combat Points) up to 3654. I also have found that Niantic is already testing new tracking mechanism. The game will show the nearby Pokemons with a photo of PokeStop. Therefore, it will not show the exact position, but you will know where you have to go in order to catch the Pokemon located near you.

Pokemon GO nearby update