Battlefield 1 is definitely one of the best games of this year. To be honest, I am not surprised that this game was so good received by players, because the whole Battlefield is amazing. Personally, I prefer Battlefield games from Call of Duty series. Digital Illusions CE and Electronic Arts had great idea to go back in time and give us weapons and artillery from the First World War.

This was a massive conflict, during which the battle took place in different parts of the world.┬áTherefore, we have large variety of battlefields and armaments in Battlefield 1. This game has been released on all three major platform, i.e. PC, Sony Playstation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. As always with such releases, the community is wondering which platform provides the best performance and which game version offers the best visual effects. I have found for you on Candyland channel very nice comparison of Battlefield 1 on all three platforms.

As you can see, the best video quality of Battlefield 1 offers the PC platform. This should not surprise anyone, because it is obvious that you can always upgrade your PC and install the newest GPU and CPU which will provide much better performance than video consoles. The difference between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is small, but Battlefield 1 looks slightly better on Sony’s console. However, this is the first game which will benefit from higher computing power of upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro video console. I suspect that Battlefield 1 will look much better on refreshed platform from Sony. Who knows, maybe it will look as good as on high performance desktop computer.